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Sports Turf Systems

Special Events

Synthetic football turf systems have not changed considerably  in recent years. Even the “new generation” of rubber infill football products  were invented more than 20 years ago. Products were sold based on for example fibre thickness (microns), fibre weight (Dtex) and pile height (mm). Terms such as monofilament  versus a slit film, fibrillating yarn, or a polyethylene  fibre rivalling a nylon fibre. But the synthetic turf market remains dominated by carpet manufacturers and fibre suppliers who are trying to sell a football turf system based on a single fact such as fibre thickness or pile height.

Together with exclusive partnerships with experienced suppliers and manufacturers, patents and trademarks Greenfields  is able to offer an unequalled range of football turf systems. From economic products if there are budget restrictions up to  turnkey engineered systems whereby every component of the system is known, tested and can be reproduced, systems which meet the requirements that players care about.

Artificial Football Pitch

Natural grass cannot be sustained as a high quality football surface for more than 300 hours of play per year. When a football pitch is used on a daily basis, the natural grass is subjected to overuse which can result in bald patches and an inconsistent surface. Artificial football turf is the solution for increasing the hours of play with no compromise of the pitch quality. With GreenFields sports turf, your soccer team can enjoy a full season of lush grass on a new artificial football pitch.