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Sports Construction

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Value Proposition

GreenFields offers a wide range of competences covering all elements of an artificial turf system. Playing quality being a fundamental value of our brand, it leaves no room for compromises. That is why we pursue quality at all stages – from the professional advice of our selected sales partner network around the globe, the design and engineering of turnkey artificial turf concepts by our CI&M Department, up to our comprehensive support and service in maintaining artificial turf pitches.

All these specific qualities make GreenFields authentic and distinguish us from the others.

GreenFields has created departments within their organisation to ensure that the design and management of turnkey projects allows for clear communication and result in a high end quality of the total pitch construction throughout the years.

From plan to realization

Recognizing the potential and the necessity to provide advice, support and manage artificial turf projects, GreenFields established a Sports Construction Project Department. This department targets selected international clients, such as FIFA and UEFA, and important individual turnkey projects.Through this Project Department GreenFields’ services are extended further by offering design, construction management, sports project support, material procurement, supply chain and logistics management.

Representatives, technical advisers and engineers tackle on a daily basis new challenges through communication with customers and by working closely with governing bodies, institutes and universities. Most of these challenges do not involve only the sports turf element, but also the sub base and the surrounding elements of a pitch construction. The total quality of a pitch is determined by the combination of these components related to location and surroundings. All these elements come together in GreenFields’ Construction, Installation and Maintenance (CI&M) department.

The CI&M Department was created with the objective to:

  • improve the control of the construction, installation and maintenance process, in order to guarantee the end quality of the artificial turf system
  • have a knowledge centre in order to provide professional advice to our customers and business partners

Through this department the complete technical competence is made available to partners and customers. The CI&M Department is able to work out and present total solutions that go beyond the sports turf.