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Artificial Turf Maintenance

Artificial Turf Maintenance

As GreenFields continually strives to provide first class artificial turf systems we are also committed to ensuring the longevity of these systems at the highest levels. Artificial turf products do deteriorate over time but, with a carefully constructed maintenance regime, our product life can be extended to gain maximum value for your investment.

Whilst maintaining an artificial turf system is considerably easier than that of a natural grass field, studies have shown conclusively that regular maintenance remains an essential contributory factor in ensuring the longevity of your field. These studies have been completed on both well- and poorly maintained fields, with dramatic results.

GreenFields has found that a well-maintained field can ensure the standards of the sport’s governing body (FIFA) are met.

Therefore our CI&M department, in cooperation with our worldwide strategic partners, has developed an extensive maintenance programme that can be carried out internally under contract or by your own maintenance staff with comprehensive training provided by GreenFields’ local representatives. Our maintenance programme will ensure that your artificial turf field provides continuous comfort and safety for your players. Regular testing of your field’s characteristics provides essential data and will also ensure that your field meets the sport’s governing body’s guidelines or your own local standards. With prompt proactive repairs and additional maintenance, a dramatic reduction in long-term damage can be achieved. GreenFields CI&M department will provide technical support for all your maintenance, testing and repair requirements.

Artificial Turf Maintenance Programmes

All artificial turf fields have a lifespan which is largely affected by the level of annual usage. Its lifespan can be considerably extended by the introduction of a GreenFields-recommended maintenance programme. Training on site in how to perform daily, weekly, monthly and occasional artificial turf maintenance is provided by our specialist consultants and if required, your GreenFields office will provide regular professional maintenance of your installation on a contractual basis. We also provide a web-based tool that provides online maintenance support 24/7.