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3G Artificial turf installation

Artificial Turf Installation

The GreenFields department CI&M (Construction Installation and Maintenance) is involved in all activities related to the construction of the sub-base of the artificial turf field, this includes designing, construction, inspection, advising and development. Before initiating any project, our experienced civil engineers and technical staff perform a preinspection on site. The objective is to get complete information on the unique challenges and features of the project like climatic data, dimensions, height levels, drainage, description of the soil etc. in order to prevent problems during installation. This way we can improve control of the construction and installation of our 3G artificial turf.

product for guaranteed quality, and develop a professional maintenance programme for individual installations. Every GreenFields installation is planned by our technical design team working with the latest CAD / CAM technology to ensure precision installation of drainage systems, sub-base and turf systems. Civil engineers work closely with the local installation team to ensure that every GreenFields surface meets the exacting FIFA standards, if required.

The GreenFields team will also develop and implement a professional cleaning and maintenance programme for every 3G artificial turf installation – either on a onceoff or a contractual basis.

Artificial Turf Installation

 A high quality artificial turf system is not only determined by the standard of the playing surface but by the mixture of components in its overall construction. The civil engineering requirements in the construction phase are an essential element of the overall success of the finished product. Our extensive network of global partners is able to offer advice and assistance in the construction of the sub-base and, if


required to meet FIFA standards, an in-situ or custom-built pre-fabricated shock pad. Furthermore, vertical and horizontal drainage is required to ensure an effective release of surface water from the field, all of which needs to be professionally constructed to ensure the desired standard of the playing surface. Through the same network of partners GreenFields also advises and offers extensive maintenance programmes that are essential to ensure the longterm playability of the artificial turf installation and cover our warranty terms and conditions.

 The result

A field that will require minimal maintenance and will provide a world-class surface for many years to come. An important part of the growth of soccer in any country is the provision of sufficient quality playing fields… That are ready to play on throughout the year…Where talented players of all ages can improve their skills…  And legends are made.