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GreenFields® Innovative Mindset

MX-innovationThroughout the years, our innovative approach to building the best artificial turf systems in the world has been inspired first and foremost by one thing: nature. Everything we make is designed to look and feel natural so that players and fans can have the best possible experience when using our products. With a commitment like that, it’s no wonder why GreenFields is

becoming the leading synthetic turf company in the world providingthe most original and technologically advanced product portfolio on the market. Whether your project calls for GreenFields Evolution, Slide Max, XP or one of the woven products you are selecting a product that has challenged and expanded the boundaries of play quality as well as performance for countless athletes around the globe.

Innovation Inspired By Nature” is more than just a slogan. It stands for our persistent ambition to develop the most natural-looking synthetic turf in the entire world. That commitment to not only being the best but always moving forward has elevated our brand to the pinnacle of world sport and has become the cornerstone for our continued success as a company.

Part of TenCate

Materials that make a difference

TenCate Grass bases its materials and products entirely on sporting knowledge and the experiences of players and trainers in top-flight sport and recreational sports. To this end TenCate Grass conducts research, develops and produces innovative fibres, fabrics and components for synthetic turf sports systems.

Innovative products for natural play

One of the most glowing examples of GreenFields innovation comes in the form of our GreenFields MX technology turf product. We hold a patent on our W-Weave technology and there is truly no other artificial turf product like it on the market. What makes it stand out is not simply its ability to provide the best possible playing experience, or its stunningly natural look and feel, but also the fact that it is 100% recyclable as well.

No glues or chemical adhesives are used to hold the tufts in place. The W-Weave technology eliminates the need for them entirely. It’s a true industry first that speaks volumes about our commitment to the “Inspired By Nature” concept.


Benefits for you?

  • You have the advantage of working with a company that holds itself to the same impeccably high standards when constructing a municipal Soccer field as it does when constructing stadiums for FIFA.
  • You are investing in a product that brings out the best in your players, which produces an even more exciting game for fans.
  • You are providing your players with a playing surface that has been designed to offer the safest, most predictable conditions possible under any circumstance and in any weather condition.
  • Most of all, you are investing in a product that is 100% recyclable and has been manufactured with the lowest environmental impact of any artificial turf manufacturing process on Earth.


Innovative approach to lower temperatures

Artificial turf has gained a reputation for being very hot on sunny days, impeding players from performing at their optimum levels.The temperature of a field is built up through the infill. The fibers have a larger surface and therefor cool down faster. So GreenFields has made steps in the area of lowering temperatures of the turf field by using Heat-Reflective technology and using special infill.


Our partnership with TenCate Grass has allowed us to provide turf products with vastly superior heat-reflecting properties, keeping the playing surface cool and elevating the comfort level of the players, not the temperature on the field. On average, TenCate products with HR technology have shown drastic reductions in temperature – even as much as 17.5° F


Water is the solution – GreenSource



There is an increasing demand within the international market for durable products that also conserve water. GreenSource is a combination of synthetic turf and water treatment technology that decreases reliance on drinking water and increases the effectiveness of water management for both sports complexes and landscaping that are based on synthetic turf systems. It is most effective in areas where water shortages are common or when only polluted water is available for irrigation.

The GreenSource project ensures proper management of any water source by combining synthetic turf systems with Pentair X-Flow technology for water treatment. Water is collected, treated and then used both for spraying synthetic turf pitches and irrigating the terrain. Best of all, the treated water is then suitable be used as drinking water by the local population as well!