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Ten Cate

TenCate designs their products to meticulous safety and durability standards. They have fulfilled – and continue to fulfill – contracts developing safety gear for military, police, fire and rescue, and aerospace applications. They are also the world’s premier developer and largest supplier of the artificial turf components. It is this company’s products that are used in the construction of GreenFields athletic fields. Most importantly, TenCate shares our commitment to producing superior products that are durable, safe and environmentally responsible.


In 2010, GreenFields became part of the TenCate group of companies. This historic partnership has helped us elevate our brand and position ourselves as a global leader in the synthetic sports turf industry. Based in Almelo, the Netherlands, Royal Ten Cate is a multinational corporation with a centuries-old history of innovation and a timeless vision. TenCate operates within a value-chain management business model. The purpose of this model is to determine how the company, based on its position in the chain, creates value, ensures product value, and adds value to customized system solutions.

Central to the success of this model is their clients: people like you and who ultimately reap the benefits of their development and manufacture of quality synthetic textiles. At the root of TenCate’s commitment to quality is their pursuit of solutions that satisfy the demand for weight-saving, exacting safety standards, reduction in the consumption of water and fuel and material recyclability. Their thermoplastic composite materials,

protective fabrics and synthetic turf fibers adhere to these quality standards without exception.

TenCate Grass Division

GreenFields is part of the TenCate Grass division. This division combines the technologies for extrusion, weaving, non-woven fibers, grids and coating. The raw materials used by Grass are primarily polyester, polyethylene and polypropylene. Each division within it also occupies a leading market position. The functional properties of the materials generated are also specified by end-users.

Other divisions are:

  • Protective Fabrics
  • Outdoor fabrics
  • Aerospace Composites
  • Advanced Armour
  • Geotextiles
  • Industrial Composites