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Our approach

GreenFields MX

 Maintaining a sports field in prime match condition takes time and money. So what’s the solution? How can we grow the skills of the next generation of stars and equip them to take their place on the world sports stage? The answer is new generation artificial surfaces

 that have a true bounce and remain in consistently good condition throughout the year. But these artificial surfaces aren’t just an affordable solution for the lower leagues; they’re seen as the way of the future by some of the leading clubs internationally.

Meeting the requirements players care about

With the hard and unpleasant synthetic pitches of the past, footballers often need some convincing about the benefits of synthetic turf. However, GreenFields modern synthetic turf systems now comprise ultra-low abrasion materials in both the synthetic turf and the rubber infill. Sliding tackles and enthusiastic sliding goal celebrations are possible on synthetic turf without the slightest risk of cuts or grazes. GreenFields synthetic turf feels as natural as it looks.

  • Our high-tech infill systems and shock pads reduce strain on joints and muscles and produce no additional risk of injury.
  • Play is less season and weather dependable,resulting in less postponed or cancelled fixtures.
  • Playing conditions are consistently the same, resulting in fair competition in any weather conditions.


Meeting the requirements clubs care about

A consistently even field, with no muddy puddles or bare patches, which can be played on in both summer
and winter is a dream for many clubs worldwide. GreenFields synthetic turf systems are the solution – providing the best play characteristics, optimising use of training facilities and making cancelled fixtures a
thing of the past, which benefits players, supporters and the club’s coffers. In addition:

  • GreenFields turf can be played on more frequently and for longer. Where natural grass gives up after around 250 hours play per season, synthetic turf can be played on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Naturally, this is dependent on good regular maintenance.
  • Playing conditions are always ideal – no bald patches, dust, loose divots or persistent mud and puddles. The superior drainage system, high-quality infill and shock pad system of your GreenFields pitch will keep your training and fixtures on schedule, come rain or drought.
  • Minimal maintenance required – maintaining a natural grass pitch requires a lot of effort, time and money. Your GreenFields pitch makes life a whole lot easier – no more watering, sowing, mowing, fertilising or chalking the lines.


Meeting the needs of municipalities and communities

A GreenFields synthetic pitch is the versatile, durable, high-performance sports solution for municipal playing fields and community grounds. One synthetic pitch has the capacity of at least 3 natural pitches as it can be used for different sports at different levels – from mini-league to the first team, as well as for training and competitions. Your GreenFields pitch is easy for even the most cash-strapped municipality to maintain and it is less susceptible to weather damage or wear and tear through overuse and intensive play. It offers you:

  • Extended playability;
  • Less maintenance: no mowing, watering or line painting;
  • A real return on your investment – you can host more games for extra revenue;
  • Excellent playing conditions in all seasons
  • Increased playing comfort – slide-friendly, less injuries or abrasions.