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We are committed to producing the most innovative and technologically advanced synthetic turf systems in the world. We accomplish this through our years of experience in manufacturing, construction and installation, our long-standing commitment to research and development and our unwavering commitment to complete customer satisfaction. Our strong exclusive partnerships worldwide allow us to design and build synthetic turf systems for a variety of sports that are unequalled within the industry.


With 3,000 field installations worldwide, GreenFields has long-standing experience in the development, manufacture, construction, installation and maintenance of synthetic turf systems for sports. Its ability to provide high quality product innovation and turnkey – sustainable – sports solutions is unrivaled within the sports turf industry. Through its internal testing facility the high-grade products and systems are developed while matching or outperforming the requirements of sports governing bodies around the world.


GreenFields is known for its innovative mindset and pioneering spirit. With a tradition of commitment to the design and development of sustainable synthetic turf systems, GreenFields launches the next generation of synthetic turf which is 100% recyclable – Green Generation Turf. GreenFields developed the new Green Generation Turf based upon a new patented weaving technique in combination with environmentally safe and healthy materials, this new synthetic turf design guarantees material reutilization.

Our vision

We believe that the unifying ability of sports is a powerful tool for social change. At GreenFields, our fundamental objective is to put the ultimate sports experience within reach of everyone across the world while providing high-end, sustainable, environmentally responsible and safe playing systems. We persistently strive to be the very best in the industry and we achieve that goal by developing, producing, installing and maintaining our systems and surfaces with respect to not just players and spectators, but also to our planet and everything that lives here.

Our mission

Our goal is to be recognized as the world’s premier brand in the world of all-in-one sports turf systems. We strive to provide the absolute best experience for everyone involved in the game from the players, coaches and referees to the people in the stands cheering them on. We are achieving this goal through our commitment to quality in all facets of athletic field construction, through the integration of quality, environmentally responsible components and innovative design, and through a commitment to service that is unsurpassed anywhere in the industry.

Proven performance

Certified by Global Governing Bodies

As one of the first producers in the synthetic turf industry, GreenFields has been awarded the FIFA, FIH and the IRB Preferred Producer status. Being a Preferred Producer for these Governing Bodies acknowledges the sustained efforts of GreenFields to offer the game and the players the best playing conditions worldwide.

GreenFields FIFA Preferred ProducerAs one of the first GreenFields has been awarded the FIFA Preferred Producer status, in acknowledgement of our sustained effort to offer the game and the football players the best playing conditions worldwide.

IRB_PREFERRED-TURF-PRODUCER_mark_fcFor our proven quality and global track record in manufacturing, installation and maintaining sports turf GreenFields is awarded the Preferred Turf Producer status by the International Rugby Board (IRB).

GreenFields FIH Preferred producerGreenFields is your FIH (International Hockey Federation) approved synthetic turf manufacturer. An FIH approved hockey field provides a professional quality playing surface suitable for competition matches.

Part of TenCate

Materials that make a difference

TenCate Grass bases its materials and products entirely on sporting knowledge and the experiences of players and trainers in top-flight sport and recreational sports. To this end TenCate Grass conducts research, develops and produces innovative fibres, fabrics and components for synthetic turf sports systems.

Preparation & design

GreenFields vision to create perfect playing conditions all over the world, has driven us to adapt our organization on all different levels. GreenFields’ CI&M Department is the knowledge center that controls the design and construction of each project. The design of the object is based upon evaluation of the local data provided by our sales partners, engineers and the customer. All the information is translated by our CI&M Department into a first draft of the object with details of surrounding elements. Each final design is made with CAD / CAM technology to ensure precision for the installation of surrounding elements, the drainage system, the sub-base construction and the turf system.

The overall management of a project is done by GreenFields’ Project Department. Through this department service and support is provided in view of supply chain, logistics management and human resources.


The sub-base and earthwork vary from continent to continent, country to country and even region to region. The advantage of a well-planned sub-base is that it does not have to be rebuilt each time the turf itself is replaced.

A good stable and suitable base is extremely important for the overall quality of the pitch and its lifespan. The construction is done by a local GreenFields office or with a local construction company under supervision of GreenFields. On a regularly basis GreenFields’ supervisor will be present during construction and check whether the work is done according to the design and if the process is within the planned time schedule.

After realization of the sub-base and the surrounding elements of the object and before the installation of the synthetic turf, it will be necessary to check the construction site on all dimensions and levels.


Synthetic turf can save up to 75% of the man hours typically required to maintain a grass pitch. However, some essential maintenance is necessary to ensure you maximize the playing characteristic and durability of your synthetic turf.

GreenFields has developed a comprehensive maintenance package which includes tools and equipment, maintenance training, maintenance manual, and a maintenance quality system to ensure your synthetic turf is always in the best possible condition.

The tools and equipment for daily, weekly and monthly maintenance are a must and warrant a constant quality of the synthetic turf system, and in particular the condition of the infill material. At least a small tractor, triangle brush, keystone net, and a decompaction frame should be available.

What players and our customers say 

James Haskell

James Haskell

Back Row / Wasps RFC

We’re nearly at the end of the season and the pitch still looks great!

Paul Currier Sr

Paul Currier Sr

Groundsman / Kassam Stadium

With over 25 years in grounds work, this has to be one of the best pitches at this moment in time. XtraGrass is maintained in the exact same way as a standard grass pitch, with the added bonus of less divots to replace after pitch use. The pitch looks great and plays quick, with no divots. It's a great surface overall and the players love it - now we just need to see how it performs in the winter months when the XtraGrass will come into play.

Art Langeler

Art Langeler

Head of Training young PSV / PSV Eindhoven

This amazing product allows you to play four matches on Saturday, train every day under the same conditions and with many teams. Besides these benefits Greenfields MX has the appearance of a great professional field! Enough reasons for us to choose GreenFields turf! Football is based on old values but with modern and innovative approach. This field is a good exponent of that thought!

David R White

David R White

General Manager / Falkirk Football Club

This surface is fantastic, it is remarkably better than any artificial surface he had ever seen and played on in the UK. All the feedback from players and coaches has been exceedingly positive.

Gerrit de Koe

Gerrit de Koe

Teammanager / Accommodations Amsterdam

In 2011, the district built a Greenfields MX at the ambitious club Zeeburgia from Amsterdam, known for its youth education. As the Municipality of Amsterdam we were curious how an innovation as a woven field would hold up at a club where more than 1500 hours per year is played. After several years, the field is still in excellent condition. The club, where a number of former internationals weekly kick a ball, is very satisfied.

Christian Wade

Christian Wade

Wing / Wasps RFC

The XtraGrass pitch at the Ricoh Arena is a really fast track to play on.

Wim Biesterveld

Wim Biesterveld

General Manager FC Volendam

With the new GreenFields ® MX field we are assured of the best possible conditions to play football, throughout the year. That is good for the development of players, individually and in teams, and therefore good for the development and appearance of the club.

Paul Currier Jr

Paul Currier Jr

Groundsman / Ricoh Arena

In comparison to last season's pitch at the Ricoh Arena, the new XtraGrass hybrid surface is performing with remarkable results for the amount of usage in a multi-purpose venue. The pitch speaks for itself now

Alex Pastoor

Alex Pastoor

Head Coach / Sparta Rotterdam

The quality of the pitch in the Sparta Stadium is excellent. The infill is made from a unique combination of materials for optimal playability. I understand why players voted our artificial grass pitch the best in the Jupiler League.

Darije Kalezic

Darije Kalezic

Head Coach / Roda JC

On artificial grass, the training and playing conditions are always the same. An artificial grass pitch is always flat and less susceptible to the weather, which obviously makes it ideal for trainers.

Ron Jans

Ron Jans

Head Coach / PEC Zwolle

The pitch supplied by GreenFields is ideal for PEC Zwolle's attractive style of play. The pitch enables fast one-two passing. Always being able to train on it makes it ideal. Because of this, the players know the pitch inside out.

Jake Cooper Woolley

Jake Cooper Woolley

Prop / Wasps RFC

Not only does the pitch at the Ricoh look good all year round, there’s much more stability under foot in the middle of a scrum.